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Menu B: Recipe List

This is more ambitious than Menu A, mostly because it just plain makes a lot of food:  66 servings total.  If you’re cooking for 2, you’re covered for a solid month, and if you’re cooking for 3 and have a few spaghetti nights/dinners elsewhere, it should still work out.

Also, since Menu A requires two sometimes hard-to-find ingredients (the nutritional yeast and vital wheat gluten), this menu won’t use either one. 

There was almost an accidental world theme where every recipe would have clearly been from a specific country.  I ended up ditching a French Lentil Soup recipe (okay, I don’t think that’s actually from France, but still.  Cute.) and an Enchilada recipe because they were too similar to other things, but I’m much happier with what I replaced them with, and hey – now there’s no accidental world theme!  I love international food, but I think that’s one of those things that sounds great until you actually announce it to your roommate (“Hey!  Guess what?  Every dinner you eat for the next month will be a recipe themed on a different country!”)  If I tried that stunt, my sister would either kill herself or me – not sure which, but I don’t like my odds.

Of course, if you’re into the world cuisine idea, the last two recipes still give you enough latitude to claim it. 

Grocery list and instructions to follow.

August 13, 2009 at 5:38 pm 2 comments


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