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Menu A: Cooking Day Adventures

I didn’t start cooking until 1:00 yesterday, but I was finished with washing all the dishes and cleaning everything up at 8pm.  I wasn’t in a big hurry because I was watching shows on Netflix, which slowed me down some, so I’d bet you could get everything done an hour or so earlier if you really wanted to.

I tried a lot of the meals as I went, since this was my first time making a lot of these recipes – and I can tell you right now, the Un-Beef Stew is AMAZING.  It ranks on my top 3 favorite dishes EVER.  I didn’t want to freeze any of it at all – I just wanted to keep it out and eat it all day.  Getting even three bags of it in the freezer was a definite accomplishment.  I’ll be making it all the time from now on.

My boyfriend and I had the Vegan Mac & Cheese for dinner – I guess most OAMC books recommend going out to dinner after taking a full day to cook, but we really wanted to try the Mac & Cheese – and it was great!  He’s an omnivore, and he loved it.

I forgot to get pictures of the Chickpea Cutlets, but I’ll try to remember when I unfreeze them.  You can tell the Lasagna got a little burnt – I didn’t put enough sauce on top – and the picture of the gumbo is terrible, but life goes on.

I’d definitely recommend having a TV or some music going while you cook, since it makes the hour or so of chopping a little more interesting.   Overall, I was really happy with how everything went.


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